How To Add My Computer To Desktop in Windows

In some Windows versions, such as 8/8.1, some essential shortcuts are missing from the desktop. Because we often use them, it would be nice to have them on Desktop. In this tutorial we will learn how to add My Computer icon onto your Desktop.

Windows 8

1 Go to Desktop

If you are on Metro (Start) interface, press Windows + D keys to go to desktop – other methods are described on this page.

2 Go to Personalize

When you are on your Desktop, right click, then choose Personalize.

3 Change desktop icons

Then click Change desktop icons

4 Add Computer icon to desktop

Then choose Computer, then click Apply and Ok.

5 Result

The Computer icon is on your desktop. You can re-arrange them with drag&drop.

Windows 7

1 Go to Personalize

Right click on Desktop, then choose Personalize.

2 Change desktop icons

Then click on Change desktop icons

3 Add the icon to desktop

Select the Computer item, then click Apply and Ok.

4 Result

The (My) Computer shortcut is on your desktop.