How To Change Icon Size (for Desktop) In Windows

By default, Windows comes with a defined size of the icons of the desktop. But you can resize them in both ways: increase or decrease the size. Often, you need to decrease the size because Windows shows large icons.

Windows 7

Method 1: Using Desktop

1 Right click on Desktop

When you are on the Desktop, right click, then choose View, then select one of the available sizes: large, medium or small icons.

2 The result

As you can see, this is a fast way to change the size of the Desktop’s icons with a few clicks.

Method 2: Using mouse scroll

This method is better because you can choose a custom size for icons.

1 Select icons

Select all icons with your mouse. Left click and keep it pressed, then select all icons.

2 Release the left click

Then release the left click button of your mouse. The icons should remain selected, like in this image.

3 Resize icons

Then keep pressed the Ctrl key on your keyboard and in the same time scroll with the mouse wheel: up to increase the size and down to make the icons smaller.
The smallest size for icons using this method.

Method 3: Through Control Panel

This method is not very convenient because requires logoff/login in order to apply changes.

1 Go to Control Panel

2 Go to Appearance

Click on Appearance and Personalization.

3 Click on Display

4 Change the size

Then change the size of the icons by choosing one of the options: smaller (100% – the default one), medium (125% size) or larger (150% size).

5 Click Apply

Then click Apply.
You need to logoff and login in order to apply these changes.

Windows 8

Method 1: Mouse scroll

1 Hold Ctrl + mouse scroll

Click once anywhere on your desktop, then hold the Ctrl key and scroll with the mouse. Scroll forward to increase the size or scroll backward to make the icons smaller.

Method 2: Select a View mode

1 Right click on Desktop

Right click on your Desktop, then choose View.

2 Choose the new size

Choose between large, medium and small icons.