How To Create a Password Reset Disk Windows 7/8

Windows allows you to create a “password reset disk” to use it to recover your Windows password, in case you forget it. The “Password Reset Disk” is a file which will be stored on an USB stick.

If you forget your password (how to create password for Windows) used to logon into your Windows account, you can recover or change this password if you have this USB stick with this file.

It makes sense to create a “Password Reset Disk” if you already have a password for your Windows account.

Windows 7/8

1 Go to User Accounts

Go to Control panel, then select Small icons, then click on User accounts

2 Insert USB

Connect your USB flash drive. On this USB will be stored a file that will be used later when you want to recover your password.

3 Create a password reset disk

Then click on Create a password reset disk

4 Next

Click Next

5 Select USB

Select your USB flash drive, then click Next

6 Enter current password

Enter your current password for Windows access, then click Next.

7 Click Next

8 Click Finish

9 The result

You can see now that Windows has created a file userkey.psw 
Keep this USB with this file in a safe place; when you forget your password, you will need to insert this USB into computer in order to be able to recover the password.