How To Set a Password for Windows 7/8

Each user on a computer have the right to access its files and folders.You can control the access to a Windows computer by setting up a password.

There are different types of Windows users, such as Administrator and Standard users. The Administrators have the full rights on a computer and they can install programs or change security settings.

Any user, no matter if is Administrator or a simple standard user, can set a password to protect the access to its personal files and folders.

If you are the unique user of the computer, you have an Administrator account. If you have only one account, you can prevent the access to the entire computer by setting up a password. If someone try to access the computer, the password will be required.

No solution is 100% sure to protect you, but by settings a password for the access is an important and strong step to improve the security.

Windows 7

1 Go to Control Panel

For Windows 7, click Start, then go to Control Panel.

2 Switch to small icons

In Control Panel, select Small icons

3 Go to User Accounts

Find User Accounts link and click on it.

4 Create password

Click Create password for your account

5 Set password

Enter your password twice.
In addition, you can enter a password hint. It should be easy to remember by you, but hard to guess by others. This can be used to recover your password in case you forget it.
Important Remember your password, otherwise you cannot access the computer.
Then click Create password

6 Test it

Press Windows + L keys to logoff.
Then click on your User name to logon. You should be asked for a password.

Windows 8

1 Go to Control Panel

Press Windows + X keys, then click on Control Panel.
(for more details about how to go to Control Panel in Windows 8 check this article)

2 Go to User Accounts

Choose Small icons as view mode, then click on User Accounts
Then click Make changes to my account in PC settings

3 Sign-in options

Go to Sign-in options

4 Add password

5 Set password

Enter the desired password
Then enter a password hint: it should be easy for you to remember, but hard to guess by others.
Then click Next
Click Finish

6 Test it

Press Windows + L keys to logoff. Then click on the screen to logon.
Now, a password should be required.
If i enter the wrong password, i cannot access the computer.
Alternatively, you can set a PIN (like on credit card – ATM) and you can login either with password or PIN.
Also, there is available a Picture login option, but is intended for touch screen devices.