How To Shutdown Windows 8

Windows 8 is a little annoying with the new Metro(Start) interface and the Start button which behaves differently that in previous versions of Windows. This includes the shut down command, which is not very intuitive.

Here thee are a few ways to shut down a Windows 8 computer.

Method 1: Using Charms menu

This method works when you are on the new Metro interface.

1 Open Charms menu

Press Windows + C keys to open Charms menu.

2 Go to Settings

Click on Settings

3 Power menu

Click on the Power button

4 Shut down

Click the Shut down button.

Method 2: Alt + F4

1 Go to Desktop

If you are not on the classic desktop, then press Windows + D to go there.

2 Alt + F4

Press once on your desktop background, then press Alt + F4

3 Shut down

The Shut down option should already be selected. If not, select it and then press Ok.

Method 3: Create a custom shortcut

1 Go to desktop

If you are on the Metro (Start) interface, go to classic desktop by pressing Windows + D

2 Create new shortcut

Right click on your desktop, then choose Shortcut.
3 shutdown /p

Then copy and paste this text  shutdown /p
shutdown /p
Then click Next
Then click Finish

4 Change the icon

We will change the icon image, to not shut down the PC by mistake. Right click on the shortcut, then choose Properties.

5 Change icon

Go to Shortcut tab, then click Change icon
 Click Ok if you have this message. Then wait until new window will appear.

6 Choose icon

Choose an icon, then press Ok.
There are many icons, drag the bottom bar to view more of them.
Then click Apply and Ok

7 Add it to Taskbar

Right click on the shortcut, then choose Pin to Taskbar

8 Show down the PC

The Shut down button is now on your Taskbar.
When you click once on it, the computer will be turned off.

Method 4: Right click on Start button

This method works for Windows 8.1

1 Go to Desktop

Press Windows + D keys.

2 Start button

Right click on the Start button.

3 Shut down

Go to Shut down or sign out, then choose Shut down.

Method 5: From the Logon Screen

This method works if you have a password for computer access. To learn how to add a password read this guide.

1 Logoff

Press Windows + L keys to logoff.
You should see a screen like this. Click once on it.

2 Shut down

Click the power button from the bottom right corner, then choose Shut down.