Windows 8 How Switch To Desktop Mode

Windows 8/8.1 comes with a new interface, called Metro. Here there are different shortcuts to different applications and services of Microsoft Store; also, the Windows 8 Metro interface is designed to be more friendly with touch events (drag with finger or touchscreen).

If you are new to Windows 8, you may find this Metro desktop a little annoying and you may want to use the default Desktop style. It is pretty easy to switch from Metro to classic Desktop mode and vice-versa.

Method 1: Using Desktop icon

1 Click on Desktop

When you are in the Metro interface, you should have an icon called Desktop. Search it on your desktop, then click on it.

2 The result

You are now on the classic Desktop and use your computer like Windows 7/Vista …

3 Switch between Desktop and Metro

If you want to go back to Metro interface, from the classic Desktop, press the Start button.
Alternatively, you can press the Windows key to switch between these 2 desktop modes.

Method 2: Windows key + D

1 Press Windows+D

Press in the same time the Windows + D keys. You will switch to classic desktop mode.

Method 3: Using Windows key

1 Press the Windows key

Press the Windows key to switch between these 2 types of desktops: Classic and Metro.

Method 4: Using Start button

1 Find the Start button

Go to the bottom-right side of your screen and put the mouse hover this icon.

2 Click on Start

Then, a new vertical menu will appear (also called Charms menu).
Then, click on the Start button.

3 The result

You are now on the classic Desktop. To switch back, press the Start button again (on the classic Desktop, the Start button is in the bottom-left side of your screen).