How To Change Desktop Background Windows 8/7

Windows allows to change the background with a solid color, photos from your hard drive or images included in the operating system itself. The newer versions of Windows allow to use multiple images as background (wallpaper) and change them automatically at different intervals (seconds, minutes, hours, day).

Also, you can set a background image to fill the entire screen, center it or fit into the screen while preserving the quality of the original image.

Windows 8

Method 1: Using Personalize

1 Go to Desktop

If you are on the Start (Metro) interface, press Windows + D keys to go to classic desktop.

2 Go to Personalize

Right click on Desktop, then choose Personalize

3 Go to Desktop background

Then click on Desktop Background

4 Choose the new background

Select the location of pictures (wallpapers).
Select Solid Colors if you want to use a color instead of a picture.

5 Set the new background

Choose the new background image, then click Save changes
If you want to use multiple images, then hold the Ctrl key and click on desired images.
Then choose the time interval when the pictures will be changes.
To set a solid color, just choose the color after you select Solid Colorsfrom the drop-down menu. A real-time preview will be shown after you select a new background.

Method 2: Directly from an existing picture

You can choose a custom picture (wallpaper) as background from the Personalize menu, but also you can set an image as background through right click.

1 Go to the picture

Navigate to the picture, on your hard drive.
As you can see, i will set as background the image Desert.jpg

2 Set the image as background

Right click on the picture, then choose Set as desktop background
The background is now changed.

Windows 7

Changing backgrounds in Windows 7 and Windows 8 are similar.

Method 1: Using Personalize

1 Go to Personalize

Right click on Desktop, then choose Personalize

2 Go to Desktop Background

3 Choose background type and source

Choose Solid Colors if you want to fill the background with a single color.
Choose a location of pictures from your hard drive if you want an image.

4 Set the background

After you choose the image or the solid color, click Save changes.
The new background (wallpaper is set).
If you want to change it again, repeat the steps.

Method 2: Using a custom picture

This is a faster way to set a new background, if you want to use a single image from the local hard drive.

1 Go to the image

Navigate to the folder where is your picture.

2 Choose image

Right click on the image, then choose Set as desktop background
The new background (wallpaper) is set.