How To Get To Control Panel In Windows 8

Windows 8/8.1 doesn’t provide a Control Panel icon on desktop or on other visible area. But this menu still exists and it is the main dashboard to access and edit the settings for your Windows computer.

Method 1: Windows + X

This method works for both desktop modes: Metro and classic.

1 Press Windows + X

Press Windows + X keys in the same time. This will open a new menu and there you can select the Control Panel.

2 Access Control Panel

Now you can click on the Control Panel link.

Method 2: Using Windows Explorer

1 Press Windows + E

Press Windows + E keys.

2 This PC

Then click on This PC

3 Go to Computer

Then click on the Computer tab.

4 Go to Control Panel

Then click on Open Control Panel.

Method 3: Search it

1 Open the Search menu

Press Windows + Q keys in the same time.

2 Search it

Then search for Control Panel.
Note: Make sure that Everywhere is selected.
Tip: if you right click on Control Panel icon, you can Pin it to taskbar and you will always have it in the bottom of the screen.

Method 4: Run menu

1 Press Windows + R

2 Search it

Then type control panel, then hit Enter or press Ok.
The Control Panel is now visible.

Method 5: Through Metro interface

1 Go to Apps view

Move the mouse down (to bottom-left) until an arrow will appear. Then click on this arrow.

2 Go to Control panel

Then, a new window will appear, with different applications and buttons. You can swipe to the right (yes, there are more items to the right) and click on Control Panel.
Alternatively, you can search for it in the search bar.
Tip: if you right click, then you can click on Open File Location and from there you can create a shortcut to Control Panel on your desktop.