How To Disable Switch between apps Message in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has an interface designed for touchscreens (Metro) and if you have a laptop or computer that supports it, you can use fingers to navigate and work with programs.

For the new features, Windows shows tips and small windows with tutorials that will disappear after you use that feature for a couple of times.

Although you don’t have a touchscreen device, Windows 8.1 shows this message and you can’t close it.
“Switch between apps. Swipe in from the left edge to go back to the last app .. Begin with your finger outside of your screen”.

If you have a touchscreen device, performing the actions (from the message) will make the message to disappear. But if you don’t have it,you need to close this annoying message.

1 The message

You have this message on your screen, you do not have a touchscreen device and you want to hide this message.

2 Go to Search

Press Windows + Q keys, to go to Search menu.

3 Go to Device Manager

Search for “device manager”, then click on it.

4 Go to Human Interface Devices

Double click on it and a menu will expand.

5 Disable touch screen

Right click on HID – compliant touch screen and then click Disable

6 Confirm the Disable

Choose Yes. Then the message will disappear.