How To Change Lock Screen in Windows 8

When you logoff from the desktop, your computer will have a lock screen with a background image. You can change this image and set one from local hard drive, as you wish.
The lock screen looks like this. We will change this background.

1 Open Charms

Press Windows + C keys, to open the Charms menu.

2 Settings

Then click on Settings (bottom-right corner).

3 Change PC Settings

Click on this option.

4 Lock Screen

Click on the big image with your current background image for the lock screen.

5 Choose a new image

Select another image.
If you click Browse, you can select an image from local hard drive.
Also, you can play a slideshow and the pictures will rotate on your lock screen.

6 View the result

Press Windows + L to logoff.
The new background is in its place.