How To Create Bootable USB from ISO File

Windows operating system can be installed from a CD/DVD or from other devices such as an USB. In order to install Windows, you have to create a bootable device with Windows setup kit on it. Then, you must enter into BIOS and set this device the first at the boot order menu. The, when you restart the computer, you can install the Windows operating system on your PC.

If you don’t create a bootable media device (USB, DVD ..), you cannot install Windows. So, there are different program able to create bootable USB flash drives and you can use them to install a fresh new Windows on your computer.

Method 1: Using Rufus

Rufus is a small, fast and free program which allows you to burn or write ISO files on an USB. You can create bootable USB with Windows or other programs that may require to be loaded from a bootable media.

Rufus allows you to create bootable USB not only with Windows, but also with other programs that require to be started from a bootable device.

1 Download Rufus

Download, install and start the program.

2 Select the USB drive

By default, Rufus is able to detect the USB device connected to your PC. But is recommended to check it again, because you will format this drive and you don’t want to be another drive such as C:\ where is installed your current operating system.


Select ISO from the menu.

4 Browse ISO

Browse the ISO file containing the Windows installation kit. Then double click on your ISO file, to add it into Rufus.

5 Start

Click Start

6 Click Ok

The program will alert you that the content of that USB drive will be erased before writing the selected ISO file. Click Ok.

7 Wait

Wait until the bootable USB is created.

8 Close

When is Done, click Close and you will be able to use your bootable USB stick with an ISO file on it.

Method 2: Using ISO to USB

This program can create bootable USB only with Windows installation kit (you must have it as ISO file).

1 Download ISO to USB

Download and install this small program. It is free.
Then start it.

2 Select ISO file

Click Browse, then select your ISO file from the hard drive.

3 Bootable

Check the option Bootable

4 Burn

Click Burn to write that ISO file on USB.

5 Click Yes

The program will notify you that the content of USB will be erased before creating your bootable USB.
Click Yes

6 Wait

Then wait until will finish to create it. Then click Close.

Method 3: Using Windows USB/DVD Tool

It can create bootable USB and DVD with Windows 8 and 7, from ISO files.If you want to install older versions of Windows, go with Rufus (free).

1 Download the program

Download, install and start Windows USB/DVD Tool. It is a free program.

2 Choose file

Choose the ISO file from your hard drive. Then click Next.

3 Choose USB

Select USB

4 Select device

Select your USB flash disk which is connected to PC.

5 Begin

Click Begin

6 Confirm Erase

The USB device will be completely erased before writing the new ISO file. Click Erase USB device

7 Wait

Then wait until the program will create the bootable USB.