How To Open Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer displays the list with essential files from your Windows operating system, at the highest level, then you can double click on each item to view its files. To read more about what is Windows Explorer you can read this article.

Often you will find references to open a file or folder in Explorer more, or simply open File Explorer (the same thing as Windows Explorer).

There is nothing complicated, Windows Explorer looks like a regular window, for example My Computer.

Method 1: Windows + E

This is the simplest method.

1 Press these keys

Press Windows + E keys

2 Windows Explorer is open

Method 2: Search

1 Search Windows Explorer

Click Start, then search for Windows Explorer.
Then click on Windows Explorer

2 The result

Windows Explorer is now opened.

Method 3: Click on shortcut

1 Shortcut

In some Windows editions, the shortcut for Windows Explorer (File Explorer) is already on your Taskbar.
If you have it, just click on it.