How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On Windows 7/8

Your computer can enter into the Sleep mode after a certain time of inactivity. By default, this option is enabled after a brand new Windows installation.

In this guide you will learn how to disable/enable the Sleep mode.

Windows 7

1 Go to Control Panel

Click Start, then go to Control Panel

2 Go to Power Options

Search for Power Options, then click on it.

3 Change plan settings

For the plant that is currently selected or checked, choose Change plan settings

4 Change settings

At Put the computer to sleep, choose Never and your computer will not enter in the Sleep mode. Also, you can choose another time interval. Then click Save changes.
In addition, in the same way, you can disable the turning off of the display.

Windows 8

1 Go to Search menu

Press Windows + Q keys to be able to use the Search function.

2 Search for Power Options

Search for Power options, then click on it.

3 Change settings

For the selected plan, click on Change plan settings

4 Turn off Sleep

At Put the computer to sleep, select Never.
Then click Save changes.
Also, you can choose a different time interval if you don’t want to completely disable the Sleep mode.